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Dr. Luedke is a 2017 Nominee of the McClellan Endowed Teacher of Distinction Award in the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Abbreviated Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I seek to create and co-lead a social justice oriented learning experience. This begins with the readings I assign for each course, the assignments I incorporate, and the activities I develop—often based on current events. I seek to include readings by critical scholars, and scholars of color in particular, to ensure the inclusion of multiple voices. I cultivate and assist in maintaining, a challenging, yet inclusive, co-learning environment for all students, whether the course meets in-person or in an online environment. Valuing each individual’s background and what they bring to the classroom is an essential part of achieving this environment.

My courses are set-up in a way that students develop knowledge, skills, and tools to analyze, assess, and incorporate course content into their practice as scholar practitioners. Moreover, I seek to teach a critical perspective that equips students with the knowledge to name and challenge inequity when they see it (whether it be related to institutional policy, program development, or tacit practice). My philosophy on teaching focuses on three integral practices: exploration, active engagement, and inclusion. Each of these three practices allows students to explore and employ various ways of engaging with the course material throughout the semester. I work to create opportunities for students to apply research and theory to their current (and future) practice, and to their development of research projects.