Travel Study

Comparative Higher Education (with Travel to Ecuador)

Dr. Luedke partnered with the Center for Global Education at UW-Whitewater and CEDEI (Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation) based in Cuenca, Ecuador.  She has co-taught this course twice, in 2016 (travel during spring break) and 2017-2018 (travel during winter break).

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to various international aspects of higher education. Globalization and internationalization present complexities particular to countries, cultures, and “systems” of higher education. While this course explores interpretations of internationalization and globalization, a particular emphasis is placed on the Ecuadorian system of higher education — its reforms and progress in realizing them.

Travel Abroad

The travel component to the Comparative Higher Education course includes both cultural immersion and visits to various public and private universities and the state of Azogues Education office.

Cultural Immersion Included:

Hike on Isla de la Plata

Historical city tour (Quito, Cuenca, and/or Guayaquil)

Hike in Cajas National Park

Pumapungo Museaum

Cooking class of traditional Ecuadorian meal

Home stay with an Ecuadorian Family

We visited the following universities and offices:

La Universidad del Azuay (Private University)

La Universidad de Cuenca (Public University)

Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE – a new teacher education public university)

SENESCYT offices in Azogues (Secretary of Education office for two zones in Ecuador and oversees eight universities)

Universidad Yachay Tech (Public University)

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Photo credit: Dr. Mia-Ching Liu