Peer Testimonials

Excerpts of comments from peer-evaluations by tenured faculty in my department:

“Dr. Luedke is clearly a content-area expert. She demonstrated this in many ways. She knows her field extremely well and knows how to make it relatable and accessible to students.  When students asked her direct questions she had a wealth of information to share and she pushed the students to think critically about the material. She addressed issues of race and representation in higher ed (i.e., “transformative curriculum”) skillfully and guided the students to engage with this topic.” –Fall, 2016


“Classroom feels safe and respectful. Students listen well with each other. There is healthy laughing in class as well. Sets up an environment that ties theory and practice together.” –Fall 2016


“Our department is lucky to have her! She is open to feedback and is dedicated to looking at ways to improve/evolve her instruction and she is already an accomplished instructor.” –Spring, 2017